How to Get Better Matches on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & Other Dating Apps

How to Get Better Matches on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & Other Dating Apps

Dating Standards: Asking the Right Questions to Get the Right Partner

Asking the right questions is the key in avoiding potential heartache with the wrong partner. Understanding a persons emotional availability will determine your compatibility in the long run.

Finding Our Soulmate

An acquaintance of mine has a new girlfriend. Together they have five children. Two from his two previous relationships and three from his current one. He is the biological father of the first two. Most of my sons friends are growing up in recomposed families or in a single-parent family.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back in a Short Time

A breakup can never be that serious if you just know how to handle it well. If you feel that this was a right decision that you and your boyfriend have made, then there should be no problem in deciding in favor of it.

Are You Living Happily Ever After?

The proceeding question, and invariable title of the article, is addressed by focusing on a number of fundamental principles that people live by–though sometimes, erroneously. Examples include the nature of relationships, of happiness itself and of social pressures which enforce sometimes incongruousness ideals. The article ends with a quiz assessing whether your current partner is a keeper or not.

I’m Engaged! Now What Do I Do?

Tons of couples get engaged over the holidays and once the dust settles, the question remains…what do I do next??? There are a lot of step to take and things to do, and sometimes it can be very overwhelming.

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