How to Get Her to Message You Back

How to Get Her to Message You Back

How to Attract Women – Tips That Changed My Life

I spent many years of my life struggling to get the attention of women, until I did some serious research. What resulted was an ability to attract women with concrete results. Read my experience and try for yourself. My experience and research found some cold hard truths, that when applied, really do work.

Relationship Wisdom – More About Differences in Relationship

Challenges in relationships are perpetual in 69% of cases, according to relationship expert John Gottman. The reason being that we are built in different ways, beyond just about being male and female.

First, Define Codependency Correctly – Then, Get To the Bottom of It

Trying to define codependency can be very difficult. It is not an exact or definitive state; rather, it’s more of a general description for a variety of behaviors. Put simply, codependency is an addiction to love, where one person in a relationship is devoted and completely invested to a point where it negatively affects his or her emotional and physical well-being. Confronting the issue will provide long term benefits to the health of both your relationships and your mind.

Does Your Man Want to Remain Friends With Benefits But Acts Like You Two Are in a Relationship?

What is he thinking? What does he want? Why does he keep changing his mind? Why isn’t he clear about things? It can be one hell of a roller coaster ride when the man you are with only wants to remain friends with benefits but at the same time treats you like a girlfriend.

Break Up Then Make Up!

You love him! He’s everything you dreamed of, but now he wants to move on. Move on? What are your options? Well, I’d be lying if I said that there is a secret, never fail potion that you simply rub on his ears and “Wallah!”, he’s yours again in a flash, but despite how unrealistic that scenario is, there are a few steps that you can take to salvage your connection, remain friends, or possibly get him back!

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