How to Get Women to Approach You on Halloween #Shorts

How to Get Women to Approach You on Halloween #Shorts

The Unfortunate Fascists of “Bros Before Hos” and “Chicks Before Dicks”

The following article is strictly opinionated with blunt subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised – Who has heard the saying(s), “Bros before hos” and/or “Chicks before dicks?

How to Be Intimate Without Feeling Silly

As pleasing as the thought of intimacy is; as good as intimacy feels while you’re engaged in it; as wonderful as the afterglow can be, there are those individuals who struggle with feeling silly when it comes to initiating, participating in, or even talking about intimacy. “Silly” is ridiculous, unreasonable, or preposterous, and so there is no way that you should be feeling any of these things when it comes to something as passionate, wonderful, and fulfilling as intimacy. That uncomfortable feeling of “silly” overwhelming your atmosphere is the wall of frustration that separates your desire to experience optimum pleasure from your reality of enjoying the optimum experience of pleasure.

Refreshing Your Relationship: Spend Quiet Time Together

Although many people would like to find a way to spend more time with our lovers, the fact of the matter is that we have to go to work and that means we will spend that time apart. And doesn’t it seem like the life we lead at our place of work is so different from the life that we have at home. It is this way for most of us.

Intuition and Survival

When I was a junior in high school, a group of my friends was planning to go bowling on a Saturday night. I got permission from my parents to go and loaded into a car. There must have been eight of us packed in there, and I was sitting on my best friends lap as the car drove away.

A Practical Guide To How To Recover and Get Back On Your Feet After A Break Up: Dos and Don’ts

Break ups hurt, whether it was you or your ex who ended the relationship. What you need now is a guide on how to recover and learn from it! This guide will help you to stop hurting, get back to the world of living and love again! Start with yourself!

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