How to Keep a Woman Interested: 3 Date Plan #Shorts

How to Keep a Woman Interested: 3 Date Plan #Shorts

Social Networking Sites: Can They Help Or Hurt Your Relationship?

Social networking sites have transformed countless facets of human behavior and interactions, and it can definitely affect your relationship in ways you couldn’t have predicted. While these website do offer you several opportunities for significant social interactions between you and your partner, it can also open up a huge Pandora box of lies, insecurities and nonstop spying that could put your relationship on the rocks.

Adorn The Bride

To keep your marriage vows is good stewardship and making your spouse sexually happy and satisfied using the power of your vagina and your penis or romantic touches is good stewardship, he who fails to do so, sins against the ordinance of marriage and is selfish. The stewardship of marriage is diverse, it can simply mean…

Living Together Before Marriage: Can It Work For You?

The question of living together before marriage comes up at some point in a serious relationship. However, if you’re thinking of moving in with a man you’re not engaged to in the hopes that he will come to the decision to marry you, you might want to proceed with caution.

Are Men Really to Be Blamed for Women’s Issues?

We, women, should stop blaming men for our problems. Not only they are not responsible for them, but they can’t fix them. Only we, can find solutions that will benefit all of us. Our identity, and the quality of our relationships depend on that.

Not the Marrying Kind

When a man says he’s not the marrying kind, believe him. Don’t try to change him.

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