How to Keep a Woman Interested in You: Don’t Talk Too Much #Shorts

How to Keep a Woman Interested in You: Don’t Talk Too Much #Shorts

Why You SHOULD Talk About Your Friends Behind Their Backs And Feel Good Doing It!

Some people say you should never talk about someone behind their back. It’s gossiping. I disagree. I think that there are times when talking about someone behind their back is quite healthy.

A Young Life Changed by Whitney Houston

This article tells how a young girl’s life was influenced by Whitney Houston. Meeting, collecting memorabilia and following Houston, helped her develop into the self-confident, poised and successful career woman she is today.

How Can You Tell When a Person Is Lying?

Playgrounds across the country and throughout the ages have heard the childhood chant “Liar Liar, Pants on Fire…” We can always depend on children to say whatever is on their mind. If there is one thing most of us really dislike, it’s being told a lie…we like the truth, we depend on it, especially in the business world where so often we don’t know who we can trust. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to detect even the smallest lie? It would be so helpful as you deal with vendors or clients.

Forgiveness, Having Been Misjudged

It’s hard to forgive people who misjudge us, but forgiveness is made easier when we understand why they misjudged us. It’s usually more to do with what’s going on in them. When we understand this, forgiveness is clearer and easier.

Becoming Aware of Your Projections Is Vital for Your Success With Intimate Relationships

As long as you project your own traits, emotions and behaviors onto your partner, accusing him/her of owning these, rather than accepting them as part of you, you are harming the relationship. Becoming aware of your projections and taking responsibility for all your traits, emotions and behaviors are vital for your ability to develop and maintain a successful intimacy.

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