How To Look Hotter, Fast! #Shorts

How To Look Hotter, Fast! #Shorts

Everything Is Meaningless – A Reflection

God is the very reason of our existence, apart from him and without him we are nothing. Living a life for others and above all for God and with God makes everything that we toil under the sun “MEANINGFUL, not a chasing after the wind.”

The Best Revenge

I’ve lived a life like any other where many of the people that I love have hurt me to the core.  Literally, the people who I love the most have been the ones to bring me down.

Signs He Is Head Over Heels For You

Is he in love or in like with you? 4 signs that he is head over heels for you.

Three Generation Household

I never had the intention to become a three generation household, but one day I woke up and there we were: Grandparents, children and grandchildren all living under one roof. I also never intended for my son to become a father at the age of twenty one. When he and his girlfriend came to me with their news I told them: “The decision is yours, but know this: I’m not raising your child”, and I’ve stuck by those words ever since.

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Man

One of the keys to a healthy relationship is have a good understanding of each other. That’s why we gathered together a few things about your man that you might not be aware of – and tell you how you can respond to them.

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