How to Make Her REGRET Leaving You- make her JEALOUS and Want You BACK

How to Make Her REGRET Leaving You- make her JEALOUS and Want You BACK

The Invisible Sibling

This article is about siblings that aren’t around when you need them. They may be there in body, but not intellectually or spiritually. They let you down at a crucial period in your life.

Yours, Mine, and Ours – We Need All Three Bank Accounts

We need to have a minimum of three accounts to keep family finances – and family peace. Ours (for all joint expenses), yours, and mine. And, we don’t each pay half, but our fair share…

Homework and Girlfriends

When you look at the title of my article, you must be wondering what homework has to do with girlfriends. Yes this is indeed a mind boggling question but there is a link between homework and girlfriends, or for the other sex, boyfriends. The thing is you should only choose one or the other, unless you are very skilled academically which means that you need not study a lot yet you can do your homework and ace your exams, or you are very good with girls or boys depending on your sex.

How To Meet Women At Nightclubs

That was basically my own thing. I proceeded to go to nightclubs here in Las Vegas. I really developed into a nightclub promoter who just enjoyed the concept that almost every night, there appeared to be a sizable venue full of ladies.

The Post-Breakup Life

One question people keep on asking for most of their lives is “How the hell did I get dumped?” You keep thinking of what could have been done different to avoid the same palaver.

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