How to Move on After Divorce with MegaDating (For Men)

How to Move on After Divorce with MegaDating (For Men)

Not Expecting Too Much From People

We are happiest in our human world when we pleasantly accept the fallibility of the people around us because we are continuously reminded of our own fallibility. We understand none of us can help it, though we try hard; sometimes too hard. With low expectations of them as persons we ensure we give people plenty of space to fail and, therefore, to feel they belong.

Relationships: What Is The Purpose Of A Relationship?

I believe that one of the purposes of a relationship is to lead one back into wholeness. This includes the relationships we have had, the relationships we have and the relationships we will have in the future. They each contain the experiences and situations that are perfect for one to regain their inherent wholeness.

Are Your Relationships Keeping You From Becoming Your Best Self?

When we truly put effort into improving ourselves and making positive changes in our lives, how we are currently living is bound to change in at least one, and most likely, several ways. Sometimes, these changes are a natural byproduct of our efforts and sometimes, we need to specifically make certain changes to support our newly outlined goals and desires. One area that is likely to be affected for many of us is our relationships, whether they are with our friends, family, co-workers or romantic partners.

YOU Make Me So Angry! Really?

Stop and think about it. If someone else can really make you angry, who is in control? You, or the other person? Do you really want to be like water pushed around with every shifting current, or would you rather be that solid rock that forces negativity and irritations around you? Now, how do you achieve this new found strength and stability?

You Can Predict Your Success With Intimate Relationships Based on Your Past Experiences

If you are craving for an intimate relationship but haven’t been successful yet to have one, you can probably “predict”, based on your past experiences, your chances at success next time around. In all likelihood, if you failed until now, there is no reason to believe you will succeed next time – unless you make changes vital for a successful relationship. But as long as you are NOT aware of what makes you fail, how would you know what you need to change in order to succeed?

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