How To Plan & Pitch First Date Ideas That Women Can’t Reject

How To Plan & Pitch First Date Ideas That Women Can't Reject

Soul Mates

Emotionally bonding with others is one of the most important aspects of our human experience in a lifetime. We create relationships based upon commonality and likeness, and strive to sustain them for as long as possible. When we bond intimately on an emotional level, we often refer to it a “soul connection” and therefore deem someone our “soul mate”.

Make Sure Your Valentines Teddy Bears Say What You Really Mean

The problem with Valentine’s day being in February, is that it is just after Christmas, and if you’re not careful, your gift could be given as an extension of that holiday. So you need to make sure that your gift says ‘I love you’ in a way your partner will understand.

The Wonders of Physical Intimacy

The wonders of physical intimacy are such that they make intimacy more poignant, so relevant, and ever front-of-mind. Such a thing ignites the more general, felt-on-the-inside intimacy. Closeness, which is what is felt within intimacy, is what both committed partners’ desire most and above all, because, besides the commitment that is already implied, closeness is a base upon which romantic or compassionate satisfaction is built, restored, and honed.

Christians and Boundaries: Five Causes of Weak Boundaries

Christians need boundaries but often don’t have them in their relationships. Here are five causes of weak boundaries…

Journeying Beyond Betrayal

Common to relationships and love is the portion of cursing in the matters of betrayal. We are not the only ones to have been betrayed! Indeed, it won’t be the last time it will occur, so let’s expect it when we least possibly expect it (if that’s possible). The test of any relationship’s strength is how it wrangles with and survives conflict – the key question is, can it survive and possibly even thrive because of it? The truth is so many relationships have!

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