How To Spot Red Flags In Women: Work History #Shorts

How To Spot Red Flags In Women: Work History #Shorts

Christian Codependency: Keeping the Peace in Unhealthy Ways

Is your Christian codependency resulting in you keeping the peace in unhealthy ways? Here is a biblical example of someone who tried to keep the peace by covering up and fixing a problem codependently and as a result, it later escalated and caused more hurt and fallout…

Pizza Brings Us Together

My grandparents were successful business owners for over forty years. Here I contend it was their ability to create relationships that led them to success, not their delicious tasting pizza.

How to Get Him to Commit to a Relationship Even If He’s a Hard to Land Man

Men need more time and are often bombarded by women who “know what they want” and do not have the patience to allow him to know what he wants. If you want to learn how to get him to commit to a relationship, keep these tips in mind in your everyday encounter with the one you love.

The Big-Little Secret of Developing and Maintaining a Successful Intimate Relationship

It goes without saying that the desire to have a satisfying intimacy harbours in each one of us. And it comes as no surprise that many are NOT successful in making this desire a dream comes true. Why? Because they are NOT aware of the many ways in which they might be sabotaging their own attempts at harbouring such a relationship.

Love And Happiness In Marriage

Marriage is a permanent union of love between a man and a woman. It is written that God made woman from man so as to be a companion and helper to him. A companion that would encourage, support, respect, love and edify him.

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