How To Stop Being A Nice Guy! Interview w/ Dr. Robert Glover

How To Stop Being A Nice Guy! Interview w/ Dr. Robert Glover

The Safe Defence of Boundaries

Identifying sources of shame, whether it is others shaming us or us shaming others, is vital in becoming aware of barriers to relationship potency. In the simplest terms, our relationships, and we as individuals, are rendered impotent to love whenever shame is evoked. But love runs freely, and is potent, in the presence of respected boundaries. The safe defence of boundaries requires that we circumvent shame.

The Purpose of Relationship (Part 1)

This article is about the origin and purpose of relationship. It traces how relationship came about. It also highlights the purpose which is primarily for friendship and fellowship. Thus if relationship is understood in this way, there would be little room for the series of heartache it is causing today all around us.

Signs You Are Committing Emotional Infidelity

If you have a cross-gender friend you may be committing emotional infidelity on your spouse. These friendships are dangerous and they can quickly lead to an affair.

Christian Codependency: Four Biblical Reasons You Need Strong Relationship Boundaries

If you are struggling with Christian codependency, you probably have weak boundaries. This article will give you four biblical reasons you need strong relationship boundaries.

Trust – The Most Important Ingredient In Your Relationship

The article is on the definition of trust and how it is the most important ingredient of any relationship. This trust has to be nurtured but too often it is destroyed by irrational fear and insecurity, jealousy and immaturity.

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