How To Talk To Women & Avoid Being Labelled A “DICK”

How To Talk To Women & Avoid Being Labelled A "DICK"

Year of Peace

Happy New Year, everyone! This is the time when a lot of energy is spent on making resolutions, most of which we don’t manage to keep. So, this year, I propose a different kind of resolution.

Relationships: Why Do Some Women Always Feel Trapped In A Relationship?

It is often said that women prefer to be in relationships more than men do. And while this can sound like the truth, it is not always the case. There are going to be men who appreciate being in one, just as there are going to be men who don’t.

Relationships: What Two Needs Can Define How Someone Behaves In A Relationship?

One can have all kinds of things that they look for in a relationship with another person. And some of these are going to be more important than others; this means that some of them will be able to be overlooked. But if this relates to what truly matters, then conflict is going to arise if they are missing.

4 Ways To Be A Peacemaker

Peacemaking has had a bad rap at times, but we should know, as Christians, that it is God’s will that we reconcile upon all our relational differences, as far as it depends on us. Sometimes full reconciliation is not possible, but at least we might be able to part not being enemies. There is always a better result to be had if we try hard to represent the rights of the unit.

I Keep Choosing The Wrong Partner

Do you find yourself choosing a similar wrong partner over and over? This is what Laura asks about: “How can I get past the point of choosing destructive and abusive relationships over and over just because I grew up in an abusive and dysfunctional family? Is it better to just remain single and grow with God and be a good mom and not gravitate toward craziness?

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