How to Tell a Story – Dating Advice for Men

How to Tell a Story - Dating Advice for Men

What? Me! Therapy? No Way!

A question I repeatedly hear is: “How do I tell someone (a friend, family member, co-worker) they need therapy?” You may believe in therapy. You may have been in therapy and know the benefits that you received from it.

How To Avoid Getting Burnt In A Codependency Relationship

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between devotion and addiction. Such is the case for codependency relationships. In these relationships, one member is so desperate for acceptance, attention, and love that they literally become emotionally “codependent.”

How to Feel When You Have Been Overlooked?

Everyone, we can assume, has tasted the ignominy of putting their hat in the ring for higher honours, only to be overlooked when it came to selection time. Resentment ensued. In truth, we give ourselves up to one of a million guises of success when we deny the harsh realities of the cut-throat world that’s somewhat against us – certainly as far as the odds are concerned.

Examining the Path We Have Chosen

Once I started the exploration of the possibility of soul mates in our lives, it quickly became clear that a parallel truth was our active participation in our own existence on both the spiritual and physical levels. Personally, while I have enjoyed my life very much, I also wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And, until I was able to wrap my mind around my own role in the seemingly random events that have created the winding road I’ve followed, many of the adversities that I have faced in my life were very confusing to me.

Healthy Relationships Part 1: Do I Have Healthy Relationships – How Can I Tell?

Relationships, sometimes we find ourselves in good ones and sometimes we’re in bad ones; the trick is finding out pretty early on whether you’re in healthy relationships or not. Easier said than done huh, well I’ve stumbled upon some golden truths that you may find helpful in figuring out exactly what’s what in any of your relationships. Let’s start at the beginning shall we.

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