How to Tell if a Younger Woman Likes You or is Just Being Friendly

How to Tell if a Younger Woman Likes You or is Just Being Friendly

Do You Idealize People?

Some people have a habit of idealizing their partners or people who matter a lot to them. They put them on a pedestal or create such a wonderful image of the person they love or admire that they do not see any flows in them.

Relationship Patterns!

Often people say they don’t have any behavioural patterns or they don’t react towards people or circumstances but this is not true unless you are a monk. Some people show openly what comes on the surface and some hide their emotions or reactions skilfully, such people react passively or internally.

Divine ‘I’, The Soul Integrates With Money, Property, Social Status And Ego To Become A Social I

A divine soul ‘I’ when garnished with money, property, social status, becomes social I. A divine ‘I’ is bloated to social I with an ego larger than life, when money, property and social status creep in. Man-made concepts of religion, regions, nations, borders have not resulted in harmony and peace in the world. These concepts are valid as long as we are alive. A dead person has no country, no religion, no ego and is downloaded into emptiness as an non-existent entity. When divine ‘I ‘ dies, social I lives in the hearts of relations, remembered due to property, social status for a couple of next generations and forgotten there-after.

Get Your Ex Back – Advice to All Heart Broken People

After a break up, the most common thing you would to is to approach your friends. Your friends will tell you not to worry and promise that they would get your ex back. Advice on this issue will be given in plenty among which only some may work and some may worsen the condition.

Where to Learn the Skills of a Relationship

When marriage doesn’t make us happy, we expect to find a teacher whose teachings we can trust. We seek out the right course of study, the most learned book, the best qualified professor, guru and coach. Then, we listen, take notes, study and learn the process being taught.

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