How to Tell When You’re Being Too Nice To Her (& Giving Too Much)

How to Tell When You're Being Too Nice To Her (& Giving Too Much)

Christian Codependency: Four Things to Do to Stop Triangulating in Your Relationships

If you are looking for help with your Christian codependency, this article will help you by providing four things to do to stop triangulating in your relationships. You triangulate when you enter into a relationship dynamic between two other people in an attempt to fix the problem. Here are some things you may do that are triangulating…

What to Do When Your Forgot About Your Anniversary

Any Man who has ever forgotten their Anniversary will know it’s not something which is easily forgiven. However, studies show that it may not be all your fault, perhaps you can blame it on the DNA.

How to Say I Love You Without Using the L Word

I Love You. Three simple yet powerful words and saying them for the first time can be a daunting and confusing decision. When should you say it?

The Age Thing

A consideration of women dating and marrying someone who is much younger than themselves. A tongue in cheek write up of dating a younger man.

Relationship Theory

Life is a relationship. Everything we come in contact with we have a relationship with. If any relationship is causing discomfort in your life you may want to consider looking more closely at what you are doing and what harm the relationship is causing. All relationships are in one of two modes. 1. Recovery (maintenance) or 2) Relapse (causing harm). Any change towards reducing harm is a move from relapse to recovery.

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