“I Have a Small Penis”- does size matter to women

“I Have a Small Penis”- does size matter to women

How to Get a Guy to Like You Again Without Making Mistakes Anymore

I understand totally how you feel, your guy that you deem to be forever with you suddenly gone. Women are more sensitive in certain way, hence break up is a deep impact to them. Some of fellow girls are still loving their guys and want to get them back….

Advice on Relationships for Finding Your Perfect Love

Relationship advice that focuses on creating change within you to ensure that you can design the perfect relationship for your future, changing you changes the entire world around you. When you can be at cause for the relationships that you create you are empowered to make changes an let go of the past.

Learn the Advanced Method of Starting a Date at Your Place

Today’s online dating discussion will work with setting up out a date that begins at your house or apartment. This method is designed for those who are effective at online dating only and earmarked for those who comprehend how to hook up with ladies online with ease.

Lust Vs Love: How Do You Know If It’s Real

I’m currently at the age where slowly but surely my friends are getting married. Facebook statuses continue to update with engagements, weddings, and committed relationships. While it seems that everyone around me is taking their next steps into adulthood with ease and pleasure, I remain single. When catching up with old friends after years of distance and they learn of my professional and personal successes, their eyes light up awaiting to hear exciting news of my relationship bliss only to be dimmed when they learn I still have no significant other. I often am asked if I have a boyfriend, to which I’m not sure how to reply. I hate lying but I don’t want them to think I am some loser who can’t get a guy to stick around. Regardless of who I’m speaking to, I seem to default to “it’s complicated.” But really, it is not. I’m single, plain and simple.

Grow Up And Behave Yourself! – Foundation Pillars Of Relationships

I once heard an hilarious quip on Saturday Night Live that said: “I want to save the world for my children, but not for my children’s children, because I don’t think children should be having sex!” Sometimes when I’m working with couples, whether they’re married, in a committed long-term relationship, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or whatever, I feel like I’m working with children.

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