I Miss My Ex Girlfriend But She Moved On. What Do I Do Now?

I Miss My Ex Girlfriend But She Moved On. What Do I Do Now?

Are You Really In Love With Him or Her? How to Know The Truth

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams gives you objective information about the person you love in numerous dream images. Besides sending you many dreams about the person you love, the unconscious mind also sends you very simple dreams about the special person, which you can easily understand. Dreams about love are not as symbolic as dreams about psychological problems. The unconscious mind will show you that your perfect match is someone who belongs to a similar psychological type to the psychological type you belong to, and has similar preferences.

Christian Codependency: Identifying the Beliefs Underlying False Guilt

Are you struggling with Christian codependency? If you answered yes, then you probably experience feeling guilty often in your relationships. If you hold the following beliefs, you will struggle with guilt in your relationships…  

Christian Codependency: Was Jesus a Codependent?

Are you looking for help with Christian codependency? If you are, you are probably interested in knowing if Jesus was a codependent. Many would answer “Yes” based on the following characteristics of Jesus that are typical of codependents…

How to Get Over Someone You Can’t Have

Without a doubt the question I am asked most about life, love, divorce, and breakups is “How do I get over someone I love, but doesn’t love me back?” The unfortunate reality is that you can’t make yourself stop loving someone, only time can cure that pain.

Define Your Expectations For Better Relationships

What are you expecting from that other person in a relationship, and what are they expecting from you? If you don’t discuss these things, you will probably get the wrong person.

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