“I’m Always Wanting Someone I Can’t Have.” What Should I Do?

"I'm Always Wanting Someone I Can't Have." What Should I Do?

I Think I Should’ve Turned Left At Albuquerque

I never thought I’d be using Bugs Bunny as a prime example of sage, wise, and Spiritually relevant wisdom. However, in thinking of what I wanted to share about healthy relationship techniques, a favorite Bugs-ism immediately came to mind. You may remember that, whenever the doo-doo was hitting the fan, he’d often look at the camera, and say (in that New Yawk accent), “Hmmm.

Christian Relationship Help: How to Apply Detachment With Love to Your Difficult Relationships

Regardless of what the other person does, God holds you responsible for your actions. Each of us will only give an accounting of our own words and actions. We are also responsible for how we respond to others regardless of what they do to us. Because of the complex dynamics of difficult relationships, it isn’t always easy to know what the right thing to do is. The principle of detachment with love can give you guidelines for responding to difficult people.

Do Men and Women Have Different Needs?

When the women’s movement spoke up for the value of women it rebelled against the traditional gender stereotypes and proclaimed equality between the sexes. It quite rightly opposed any idea of male superiority and female subservience. However this idea of equality has also led to a minimising and even denial of any basic differences between the sexes. Some fear that any talk of gender stereotypes is only a short step from women being different to being inferior – thus justifying discrimination. The questions remains about whether men and women actually have different needs?

Being the Accepter Not the Rejecter

As we reflect over our present lives, thinking about the different relationships we have, and the amount of those that affirm us as acceptable versus those where we find ourselves rejected, we might note an important correlation. We may have a lot of our self-worth attached to how others receive us.

Why Deeds-of-Hate Don’t Work

Many people know this already, but the world works on love, on caring, on responsibility toward those ends, and in reciprocity. This is the Divine order, whether we like it or not. God has created life this way and loving action works harmoniously, whereas hating action divides, even – at its foremost – the self.

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