“I’m NOT Going!” How to Stop Females from Flaking and Ghosting You

"I'm NOT Going!" How to Stop Females from Flaking and Ghosting You

You Have Got A Lot!

We all have got a lot. We have different gifts. Though there are only a few, who are materially endowed we don’t have to be envious, because we have other gifts to discover.

The Secret Every Irishman Knows About Relationships

Many people may not be able to remember the last time they had a good laugh with their romantic partner – but laughter really may be the best medicine when it comes to romance. My son traveled throughout Europe and experienced many of the great cultures and people of this wonderful continent. But his favorite country – and people – was the Irish.

Our Parents and Our Partners

It was very interesting for me to see that when I got married, I repeated this in my own marriage. One of us took “the good one role” and one of us took “the bad one role.” We were totally unconscious that we were repeating their contract, their unconscious collusion. We marry our parents, and our unfinished business with our parents gets projected onto our partners. They have to live out the parts of us that we cannot own in ourselves that gave us a huge charge with our parents. Our partners reactivate these old wounds.

Unrequited Love: 6 Essential Tips to Cope, Heal, and Grow

Most of us have felt the pangs of rejection when feelings are not reciprocated, which can leave us questioning our sense of self worth. In order to deal with and learn from the intense thoughts and feelings that can emerge from this experience there are 6 important steps that, if followed, have the ability to put one on a path toward self-awareness, healing, and growth.

Dating Tips for Divorced Women Over 40

Dating after divorce feels like starting all over again however, for a divorced women over 40, dating becomes more challenging and in some cases it even feels like a chore. To date or not to date, that is the real question.

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