Is Sarcasm A Red Flag? #Shorts

Is Sarcasm A Red Flag? #Shorts

How To Get Your Sexy Back After A Breakup

After a breakup, particularly one you didn’t initiate, you may find your confidence crushed. Your mind jumps from being rejected by one man to all the men who ever left you in the past and all the men you think will ever leave you in the future. You blow up this one breakup into meaning the end of love in your life forever. If this is you, you’re not alone. Many women, including myself, have felt the deep devastation of a breakup and felt it was the end of the world.

Compassion for the Hurt of Heart

When we’re attacked it feels personal, but so rarely is it ever really personal. The instant we take their frame of reference, slipping inside their skin, feeling with their heart and thinking with their mind, with all they have dealt with, because we know what we’ve dealt with, we begin to understand. Yet, we’ll never completely understand.

Finding an Excellent Photography Service? Find a Wedding Photographer!

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Who Am I Responsible For?

Particularly in group settings, but also in families, and one-on-one with our partners, we find this phenomenon of both taking responsibility for others and transferring our responsibility to others. We’re overly responsible, some of us, in some situations, and we’re less than accountable, some of us, in other situations.

Relationship First

What is it that you’re most longing for? Is it deep connection with your family and friends? This is the story of taking the risk to have that kind of connection.

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