Looking For A Bay Area Woman! #Shorts

Looking For A Bay Area Woman! #Shorts

Vibration Excuses

To be perfectly clear, I do know for sure I am a powerful creator and I am responsible for my entire experience. I get it. I really do. Knowing that is the magic for a deliberate creator. However, at times it’s a double edged sword because when something goes sideways most deliberate creators have a tendency to want ponder the question, “how or why did I attract this?”

Trust and Honesty

There are few things in life that are absolute, but trust between two people is one of them. You can’t sort of trust someone. You either do or you don’t. It’s pretty simple.

How Important Is Your Facebook Status?

The status update is simply a way to share anything, be it a thought, or an idea or expression that you may have. The update feature allows users to share information with others. Status updates are posted on the wall of the user, while they are also distributed to the feeds of your friends.

7 Top Awesome Reasons to Send a Greeting Card

Learn and apply the 7 top best reasons to send a greeting. Start send to show your gratitude.

Unlock The Keys To A Happy Relationship With Your Partner With These 5 Tips

Ever wondered how do those “perfect couples” who are perfectly content and totally committed to each other (even after so long) achieved that perfect balance and happiness? No doubt that all couples are different, but here are 5 things which most couples most likely did, and still do, to maintain a happy relationship…

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