My 100 Date Experiment Inspiration!

My 100 Date Experiment Inspiration!

How to Ask Somebody Out

You have a crush on someone. That’s nice. But you can’t seem to gather yourself together to ask him/her out. That’s bad. I’ll try to highlight a few things here but beware: these are not pick up lines.

3 Proven Methods On How To Finally Get Over Your Ex

Lots of people are talking about and seriously discussing tried and trusted methods on how to finally get over your ex. Perhaps you have considered that enough is enough and have reached the point where you have decided it is time to finally get over your ex and move on in life. Getting over an ex can be a heartrending problem and there are probably many people offering you advice at this time. There is certainly more than one method of going about doing it but have your advisers any tried and tested methods that really do work?

Christian Relationship Help: Four Ways to Prevent Escalating an Argument

Are you looking for Christian relationship help that enables you to handle conflict differently? When someone starts an argument, the most common thing people do is to respond in ways that escalate the situation. Proverbs 15:1 says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (NIV). Here are four ways you can put that advice into action and prevent escalating the argument…

Relationship Tips for Men – How to Keep Your Woman Happy

Attracting the woman of your dreams requires hard work and keeping her is even more difficult so in order to make your woman happy, you need some effective relationship tips for men. In reality, beautiful ladies have a lot of options.  If you are not keen enough to know what she wants and needs, she might search for someone else who can provide her needs.

Best Relationship Tips Ever – How to Keep the Relationship Exciting

Most people think that being in a relationship is always fun and easy – but the truth is, relationships require hard work and the best relationship tips. Staying in a good marriage may not be enough; you need to keep it exciting and romantic. When you have been married for several years, you may find things to be a bit boring but if both of you are willing to work harder, you can improve your marriage and make it more passionate.

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