Obvious Red Flag In Women? She Bashes Friends #Shorts

Obvious Red Flag In Women? She Bashes Friends #Shorts

7 Ingredients in Fixing a Broken Marriage

Saying “I Do” is easy but it takes a great responsibility in making it work out. There are areas in our lives that we tend to give up and suddenly realized that you still want to fix the broken pieces.

Great – Expectations

Expectations. Everyone has them. This article looks at whether they put positive or negative pressures on a relationship.

How To Get Him To Commit To A Relationship: This Works Like Crazy!

Do you feel like time is ticking away on your biological clock waiting on your guy to finally commit to a relationship? Well your not alone, millions of women feel this way. What you may not realize is you may be doing some things inadvertently that push him away and keep him from moving forward with the relationship. The worst part about is, it may not be even be your fault.

Your Aggression, Control and Anger Might Harm Your Relationship: Don’t Project Them on Your Partner

If you deny and reject traits, qualities and emotions which are part of “who you are”, you tend to project them onto your partner. When you deny your aggression, control and anger and project them onto your partner, you often don’t understand how, by doing so, you sabotage the relationship. Becoming aware of all your traits, qualities and emotions and stop projecting them onto your partner is vital for your success at developing a healthy and satisfying relationship.

Controlling Relationships: Why Are Some Men Controlling?

A common relationship problem in today’s world and one that has been around for many years is control. The form that this behaviour takes may have changed over the ages, but the results are still the same. What is also clear to see is that both men and women can be controlling. However, here we will primarily look at the dynamics of controlling men. And when it is appropriate or needed, I will look at the role that women are playing in all of this.

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