Pass Her $h!t Tests with the Bamboozle Trick

Pass Her $h!t Tests with the Bamboozle Trick

Why Do Men Never Apologize? 3 Reasons Why A Man Would Never Think It’s Important To Apologize!

He’s clearly hurt you, and you tell him that. He’s clearly done something wrong, or is wrong this time; and you’re sure that this time he is going to have to say sorry, but he DOESN’T! So why do men never apologize? Is it some secret rule that men have, which they must follow in order to be a man? Or are they simply that insensitive?

Christian Boundaries: Five Guidelines to Set Scriptural Boundaries in Difficult Relationships

Do you struggle with setting Christian boundaries? Difficult relationships require you to set boundaries, yet the complicated relationship dynamics make setting boundaries hard to do. To make it worse, there are common misunderstandings about what the Bible says about boundaries that cause us to be too passive and willing to tolerate unacceptable things. You can use these five guidelines to help you set scriptural boundaries in your difficult relationships…

How Relationships Should Be

One thing that has not been easy for me to handle in life is relationships. Relationships tend to cost us a lot especially if we enter in them without being careful, this has not been easy for me to prevent and am sure it also applies to you. When you think of being in a relationship, you have to consider the pros and the cons rather than entering in it blindly since it might end up costing you.

Infidelity and Saving Your Marriage

Marriage is meant for a lifetime and is probably the most important decision one makes in his or her life. If that is so, why is it then that most people have taken marriage for granted? Husbands complain that their wives are being unfaithful.

How to Give Gifts With Style to Your Partner

You can never forget that person who helped you achieve success in life. When you are about to marry, its the best time to reflect back on the past years you have gone through with some of your friends and at this moment, all you can do is to thank them for being there for you.Your wife will even get a clear picture of how you will treat her when she is living with you.

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