Reacting To “Introverted Guys Need To Know THIS About Dating” By Courtney Ryan

Reacting To "Introverted Guys Need To Know THIS About Dating" By Courtney Ryan

To Help Couples Feel Closer: The “ITS” Exercise

Couples often asked for specific exercises they can use when they’ve grown apart. They are so busy with their daily routines they don’t have time to share, to really be together. Even doing things like going to the movies or out with friends doesn’t give them a renewed sense of each other, of knowing and loving each other. Minor annoyances turn into arguments or get swept under the rug. Time for themselves as former friends and lovers gets pushed to the end of the to-list that, of course, never has an end. So, here’s the ITS exercise. It got created on the spot many years ago. It was not a pre-planned exercise. It just happened, and as you’ll see, the name came about in a curious way.

Marry With a Good Heart

Throughout history we hear of stories about people who marry for a variety of reasons and they do not always have the interest of their prospective spouse at heart. Does marriage have a specific purpose in contemporary society?

Being Stuck in a Bad Relationship and Afraid to Change: One Woman’s Monologue Echoes Similar Stories

Many know they are not happy in their life and relationships. Many would have liked to make a change for the better. But they are afraid – not even knowing what they are afraid of, except for being afraid to take the steps necessary to make a change. So they are stuck where they are, in bad relationships, hoping that somehow, someday, things will turn out for the better. But will they?

Relationships: Where Do Our Relationship Models Come From?

The relationships that each one of us has are being defined by the relationship models that we have. And this can range from the more meaningful and intimate ones, to the ones that are platonic and carry very little meaning. However, although we all have our internal models of what our relationships should be like, it doesn’t mean that we are always conscious of these models. Or that the models that we have will be empowering or functional.

Are Your Relationships Keeping You Stuck? The Invisible Strings of Important People in Your Life

Often, the most dangerous hindrances to personal and professional growth and finding your passion are unconscious. Women tend to blame themselves, rather than looking outward to see what may be holding then back. As a woman once told me, “Like, it’s easier to blame yourself than dig deeper.” So, if you are interested in digging deeper for finding your passion here are some possible clues. Your relationships with important people in your life may actually be holding you back through what I call invisible strings. Here are six possibilities for those who may be hindering you from finding your passion or moving ahead professionally: your parents, siblings, husband/partner, best friend, boss, and your mother (as separate from your parents).

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