Red Flag: Finances Correlate With Responsibility #Shorts

Red Flag: Finances Correlate With Responsibility #Shorts

The Thousand Faces of Lawrence of Arabia

Awakening, or self-realization is the journey of the Kundalini, a latent spiritual energy at the base of the spine. The hierarchy of all ancient cultures and spiritual paths, including Christianity and Islam, understood that to move into higher states of consciousness they needed to have their Kundalini awakened. The Hebrew Kabbalah calls it the Secret Fire. In India this practice to awaken the Kundalini is historically called “Deeksha,” meaning blessing or benediction.

How to Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

If you are in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, you have probably been wrestling with the decision to go or stay for quite a while now, perhaps even for many years. It may feel impossible to leave, but let me assure you from personal experience, that not only can you leave, but you will be able to create a life for yourself that is simply wonderful and free of abuse.

Stop Giving Your Power Away In Relationships

One reason your relationships may tend to fail is that you start out your relationship well enough, but then slowly, without realizing it, you start to give away your power. This process is insidious and before you know it, instead of having a healthy give and take, the relationship has lost its balance. When you give your power away it erodes your self-esteem and you start to feel a sense of unease and resentment. This affects how you see yourself as half of a couple and can’t help but create tension and dissatisfaction.

Relationships: What Is Our Most Important Relationship?

During our lives we can have many relationships and some of these relationships can last for what feels like moments and others can seem to last a lifetime. It could be greeting someone we might never see again or embracing someone we will see many times.

What Men Want – A Little-Known Love Trap That Every Woman Needs To Know About

What do men REALLY want? That’s a question we women ask ALL the time! For sure, men like loving, caring, respectful, supportive, and attractive women. But be careful — sometimes being loving and respectful and attractive can actually be a trap! How? Find out in this article!

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