Red Flag: She Just Got Out Of A Serious Relationship #Shorts

Red Flag: She Just Got Out Of A Serious Relationship #Shorts

Gravitation Phenomenon in Relationships

When people work together and listen to one another, with a willingness to explore common perspectives, putting their own agendas to one side, great things can be achieved. It is one representation of heaven brought to earth.

How Cheating Womanizers Victimize Women

Many men have continued to victimize women, by using the legendary, womanizing traits, of Casanova. I call these type of men cheating womanizers because they cheat women out of a relationship. This article demonstrates, how womanizers victimize women and how they manipulate their emotions, only to use them, for sex.

Not Being Aware of How You Sabotage Your Relationships Makes You Fail in Time and Again

As long as you are not aware of the ways in which you might be sabotaging your relationships, you might fail to develop a successful intimacy time and again. But without knowing what you do which harms your attempts at relationships, you will not know what and how to change. Developing Self-Awareness will enable you to understand what in your attitudes, reactions and behaviors harms your relationships. You will then know what you need to do in order to develop and maintain a successful intimacy.

What Makes Relationships Work?

Creating a great relationship or getting back a relationship is easy if you follow these simple guidelines. Think of it as a newborn baby. Tender care, nurture, communication, and attention can help it grow.

Misdirected: Part 1

Being in Christian Ministry for over half of my life I have witnessed a mounting frustration with the churches direction. I have seen a steady separation from true Biblical Truth to diluted Scriptural knowledge. This article will allow me to express these concerns with no thought of how people will respond. Simply Rhetorical is just me ventilating to myself.

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