Risks and Tips for Separated Men | Should You Date When You’re Separated?

Risks and Tips for Separated Men | Should You Date When You're Separated?

The Best Way to Say Sorry After a Forgotten Anniversary

Women treat anniversaries as something sacred. If you miss it by any chance and for any reason at all, man you’re dead. A forgotten anniversary spells war which translates into a never-ending argument and I have to tell you that war wouldn’t be something you’d wish to experience in a thousand years. So, what’s the best way to say sorry for a forgotten anniversary?

You Don’t Need to Get Your Ex Back! – Here’s Why

The idea of losing the person you love most could crush you to pieces. But we both know that it should end. One way or the other, you two should part ways. And that’s why you are here. You are looking for some very good convincing pieces of advice that could take you back to your senses – because you are about to call her and ask her to get back with you.

5 Things You Can Do to Improve a Shaky Relationship

Having a relationship means serious business. You can do everything just for the girl of your dreams.

Learn How to Kiss

Are you a “beginner” or a “shy” guy so you don’t know how to kiss? Have you ever wondered which technique is perfect for kissing? Here are some tips for your kiss to be more passionate than now.

How to Tell a Boyfriend to Spend More Time Together? Get Him to Stick Around As Long As You Please

Are you really frustrated at the way your boyfriend keeps neglecting you? Are you longing to spend more quality time together with your boyfriend? Here are some great ways to get the message across!

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