“She Doesn’t Love Me Anymore!” Should I Start Dating Again or Try Rebuilding the Relationship?

"She Doesn't Love Me Anymore!" Should I Start Dating Again or Try Rebuilding the Relationship?

Love, Romance, Relationship: Some Poetic Scenes!

True love is explained in Sanskrit and Tamil literature. Lovers hearts mingled together like the drops of rain that mingle with the red sand on the earth and becomes one and cannot be easily separated. The separation of forlorn wife is explained by her best friend to her lover. How can we illustrate a beautiful woman? Two poems are given as examples.

No Divorce! Secrets to Have a Happy Relationship!

Remember a young woman give so much pleasure to the five senses of the lovers. What is happening in the pleasure-house? The young girl will bend her frame slightly stooping due to the weight of her bosom. The lord of her heart and life, that is the husband, united her with youth. A girl would prefer a youth by considering seven qualities in him, namely, his family back ground, his conduct, his physical constitution, his age, his learning, his wealth and his equality of status.

Sex – Hinduism Shows the Scientific Way!

The Hindu scriptures shows the correct way as how to lead a successful life for every man and woman. King Bhoja described the art of love in his book Sringara Prakasa. Love is of 64 kinds. Each has eight forms and again each form has 24 varieties. Hence there are 12288 forms of Love in total.

Mother Wounds: Can A Man Experience Conflict With Women If He Had An Abusive Mother?

What a man may find, if he was to step back and reflect on his life, is that, in general, his relationships with women have been anything but harmonious. Therefore, when the ‘battle of the sexes’ is mentioned, he probably won’t find it hard to relate to what is being spoken about.

Can A Man Be Disconnected From His Need For Human Connection If He Had A Neglectful Mother?

Unsurprisingly, human beings need human connection in order to be at their best. This is something that will have an effect on someone’s mental, emotional and physical health.

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