She Has a Boyfriend But I Want Her – Should I Wait Around?

She Has a Boyfriend But I Want Her - Should I Wait Around?

What Do You Want From Your Relationships?

We know that solid and meaningful relationships are critical to our happiness and success. The connectedness we experience with others provides comfort when we need it; intellectual stimulation when we want it; and reciprocity of love when we share it. It allows us to get our needs met and to meet the needs of others.

Relationship Counseling – Why Women Discuss Undesirable News

Something about women that seriously leaves men scratching their heads: their strong ability to discuss terrible news. This is seen by numerous males as absurd and they often take exception to this sort of conduct. Men view this type of sharing as essentially dangerous to both them and their family members.

Who Picks Up the Bill? How Gender Role Expectations Ruin Relationships

Every single one of us are raised with different expectations of how we are meant to behave according to our gender. Culture plays a huge role, as does the expectations of the society around us: friends, family, television, etc. There are multiple problems that differences in gender role expectations cause. From the very first interaction, gender roles play a part. Who initiates contact? Who asks who out? A man recently told me that because he is a staunch feminist, he would never open a car door for a woman and he would expect any woman who experienced such an insult to experience a fit of righteous indignation. Yet, some women expect men to open car doors. For a woman who had come to regard men opening doors for women as a sign of courteous consideration, the man’s insistence on never opening her door could lead to misunderstandings and eventual arguments.

Why Some Relationships Work And Some Don’t

One of the reasons that my practice of Hand Analysis and Life Purpose Decoding is so accurate is because it is based upon FACT. A well known FACT about hands that is applied by police departments all over the world is that fingerprints are unique to each person and they are used to identify criminals who were specifically involved in a crime.

Why She Is Looking For a Father Figure

I grew up so hungry for a father’s love. I wanted his attention oh so bad, and so, I looked for this love from someone else… so goes the first few lines of a song I’ve written a year ago about my testimony. If I were to trace back where my being wayward began, I can trace it back to the void I had inside of me for a father’s love.

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