She Said She Needs Space and Time to Think. What Can I Do?

She Said She Needs Space and Time to Think. What Can I Do?

Four Common Misconceptions About Forgiveness

We are commanded to forgive those that injure us, if we want to be forgiven by God (Matthew 6:14-15). Here are four common misconceptions about forgiveness that make it more difficult to do…

Why Most Women Think Men Are Pigs

Do they? Do they really? This article is written by a man, and from the perspective of a pig farmer, so I start with an apology.

Dreaming About a Special Person

Dreams about love contain important information that protects your mental stability and gives you a true vision about what is happening to you, about the personality of the person you love, and about your relationship. If you keep dreaming about a special person, this is a serious indication that you must learn many things about them. There are numerous possibilities, depending on your case. The unconscious mind sends you many warnings when you are in danger. It also sends you many enlightening signs when you cannot believe that you have really found the ideal person for you.

Why Black Women May Be Rated Most Attractive

I am sick and tired of all the stereotypes trying to bring down our entire race of women by throwing negative connotations our way. To be honest, Black women have been through a lot, and have built so much strength over the years.

Christian Codependency: Does God Want You To Be Codependent?

Are you looking for help for your Christian codependency? If so, do you wonder if God wants you to be codependent? Christian codependents tend to overly give, ignore their own needs, tolerate mistreatment, and lose themselves while believing God is pleased with them. Many of the beliefs people commonly hold about what the Bible teaches about relationships appear to support the view that God wants us to be codependent. These four Scriptural teachings are often taken out of context and applied in ways that are unhealthy and unbalanced…

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