She’s Not Interested But Keeps Texting Me. Why?

She's Not Interested But Keeps Texting Me. Why?

Relationships: Thoughts to Ponder When You Are Having Trouble!

So many times, clients struggle with basic concepts about life and relationships. They blame, confuse and repeat the same patterns over and over again when that really isn’t necessary. Following are some of the things that need to be considered when you are having problems in a relationship.

The Answer For Jealousy

At one time or another every couple must delve into their core regarding issues of jealousy, bound in securities sometimes previously untapped. The single person isn’t immune, either. Their jealousies are camped in distances of awkwardness. So much so there may be no reasonable outlet. Jealousies affect us all, if that sense of possessiveness is exacted to the point where trust is corroded. This issue is decked in the fact of our insecurity for dim and dark grievances hid, unresolved, in the past.

Is Your Partner Negative About Your Weight Loss Efforts?

If your partner is reacting negatively to your weight loss effort, you are not in an unusual position. Many couples experience a similar problem. There are several reasons why weight loss and relationships don’t always mix. However, these obstacles can be overcome.

Christian Relationship Help: Five Unhealthy Characteristics of Dysfunctional Families

This Christian relationship help will give you five unhealthy characteristics of dysfunctional families that were also present in families in the Old Testament. God created families to be a place of nurture, love, and companionship, but when sin entered the picture, families became a place where people hurt other people they are supposed to love.

You Cannot Make Me

We often want to hold others responsible for the way we feel or react. This is a popular but relational fallacy. The truth is that no one can make you say or do anything. We choose how we feel and react.

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