Should I Breakup With My Girlfriend? How To Know If You’re Settling #Shorts

Should I Breakup With My Girlfriend? How To Know If You're Settling #Shorts

Romantic Relationships at a Soul Level

At times I get asked to do a reading at a Soul level about the nature of someone’s connection, usually with their recent ex partner. They want some kind of understanding about what might have gone on. I actually don’t offer these kinds of readings and I asked myself why, because I could do them.

What Women Want in a Man – Desirable Qualities

What women want in a man varies from woman to woman. There are, however, some traits that women the world over find attractive. Find out what they are here.

Challenging False Expectations

One of the hardest things to deal with in life is false expectations; where we, or other people, expect usually too much from us, but sometimes too little. Our false expectations and theirs are present because of unreconciled inner wishes. And if we let false expectations meander they harm relationships as well as our self-concept.

The Real Reasons Why Men Disappear

Did you date a man that just disappeared? Was everything going fine and he suddenly stopped calling? Did he go cold and distant before he disappeared? Did you start to get mixed signals? This has happened over and over again to many different women. You probably never got an explanation for it either! You sat and wondered why he disappeared and could you have done anything about it. You wondered if you were to blame? There are ways to understand why he disappeared.

Being Single Versus Committing to a Relationship

Singlehood vs. Coupledom has been a raging battle over the last few years. Many have opted to revel in their single life while others have continued to pursue committed relationships.

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