Should You Breakup With Your Girlfriend? Check You Morals And Values #Shorts

Should You Breakup With Your Girlfriend? Check You Morals And Values #Shorts

Christian Codependency: Things We Do When We Won’t Set Boundaries

Christian codependency involves things codependents do when we won’t set boundaries. When problems come up in relationships, we often want to make other people do what we think they should do. We do this because we think we are right; we think we know what is best; we don’t want to be hurt; we don’t want the other person to be hurt; or we are hurt, scared, anxious, or angry. These are the tactics we use to try to get people to do what we think they should do instead of deciding what is okay and not okay with us and simply setting a boundary.

Oh, Love

There are many things that a writer can write about, although the most that I find very enjoyable to go about is love. It seems to be that anyone enjoys reading it, particularly women. What makes a relationship real? What makes it last? How does love begin? What makes a heart spark aflame? Let’s indulge on that for the next few reads shall we?

Valuing People

We must value people as they are. Trying to change people or treating them as a tool to get what we want is not valuing them. We must not try to force people in any way. It will not work.

How To Tell If The Relationship Will Work or Not

Girlfriend boyfriend relationships should be fun. People tend to take them too seriously these days. They make their lives a living hell by fighting over small things, getting into silly arguments and trying to dominate each other’s lives.

How to Live a Successful Life With Your Man (Use Shyness and Victim Card)

If you want to live a successful life with your man, you have to understand that relationships are not as strong as we think. They are very fragile, even a small misunderstanding can ruin them forever.

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