Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep With You BEFORE & DURING a Date

Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep With You BEFORE & DURING a Date

Do You Have A Controlling Mother-In-Law?

If you have a controlling mother-in-law, then you may be tempted to gossip, hold silent grudges, or cut off all communication, but that probably won’t help you or your marriage. Here are five ways to get out of the victim mode and do what is in your power to improve your situation.

Juggling a Stressful Job While in a Committed Relationship

If you are in a committed relationship, and have a stressful job, you may experience difficulties in trying to juggle both of these important aspects of life. Stressful jobs cause people to feel nervous, irritable and overwhelmed, and can actually lead to physical problems.

Is Gallantry Dead?

April of 2012 will be the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic. Have we seen the death of gallantry over this last one-hundred years? Did you know that the National Monument to the men of the Titanic is one of least visited National Monuments? Did you that the monument was not even an act of our government, but rather a private group of women? Here you will find a thought provoking look at where we have come from.

5 Things About Relationships You Already Know, But Do Anyway!

Picture this for a moment… When you dated he was funny, entertaining, thoughtful, a great lover, and many other things. When you were dating her, she was kind, considerate, and laughed at your jokes even though you knew they weren’t that funny.

Dealing With Ugly Sides of a Relationship

Most times, relationships are based on trust. This trust is often one-sided. Friendship cannot last if it is not mutual. Sometimes the measure given is not the measure received.

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