Signs She Wants You To Make a Move

Signs She Wants You To Make a Move

Are We In This Together?

There are many things that can bring a couple to see me for therapy: excessive fighting, lack of intimacy, or a strong feeling of separateness from ones partner. Regardless of the reason why they come in, there is almost always one common underlying theme that they all share, ‘I don’t feel like we’re in this together.’

Forgive Yourself: God Wants You to Let Go of Your Past and Live Your Life

Are you struggling with forgiving yourself for things you have done and haven’t done? Many people have more trouble forgiving themselves than other people. It can be especially hard when the consequences of your actions have hurt others and there is no way to remove them. King David gave us a beautiful example of letting go of our mistakes. Here is what we can learn from the way he handled news that his son conceived in adultery was going to die…

How to Determine If You Should Remain Friends With Your Ex

The age old question after the breakup is ‘should you remain friends with your ex?’ There are divergent points of views on this with some saying ‘yes’ and others saying ‘no’ but the truth is that it will depend on you and your ex; and the relationship that you had and currently have. So how do you go about determining if you should remain friends with your ex?

3 Tips To Get Your Girl Back ASAP!

3 simple and effective tips to get your girl back even if you were the one who messed up. Get her back and keep her for good!

5 Signs He’s Taking You for Granted

Relationships become more familiar over time, and you may not be serenaded, wined and dined in the same way you were in the beginning. On the other hand, sometimes relationship complacency sets in, which isn’t a good thing.

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