Signs You Need to Breakup: You’re Living in the Past #Shorts

Signs You Need to Breakup: You’re Living in the Past #Shorts

Your Lover Vs Your Friends

One of the most difficult situations you could ever experience in your entire life is probably when you are asked to choose between the two most important persons in your life: your friend and your lover. However, you always have the choice to not put yourself into such a stressful situation knowing how your decision may lead to regretful circumstances.

Tips On Getting Over The Guy

Has your heart been broken and you’re having trouble getting over the guy? Do you still think about the break-up all the time? Are you wondering how you can possibly move on and get on with your life since you still care for him? Getting over the guy who broke it off is one of the hardest things a girl will ever have to do.

Self Love and the Art of Loving Another

I recently posted something on twitter to the effect of, you can’t actually fully love another, until you fully love yourself. I preach that gospel a lot. I’m sure you’ve all heard it. However, for some reason this post set one of my followers off to such a degree that I got several direct messages, 140 characters at a time, and a follow up email telling me how I was wrong.

What’s in a Name?

I use to date a guy that called me Stupid. It wasn’t in reference to what I was doing or thinking. It was in reference to who I was, like a pet name.

Basic Columns of a Relationship

Have you ever thought about a comparison between a building and a relationship? Probably not, but there are certainly some similarities in our analysis that can apply to both. When an architect begins planning the construction of a building, some of the most important things he/she has to consider are the foundation and also the columns that will support such a building.

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