Stop! Never Do This! Relationship Advice #Shorts

Stop! Never Do This! Relationship Advice #Shorts

Why Is a Player Exciting – But Not Good For You?

A player. Just the sound of it already connotes danger. But, what’s a player, anyway? Why is a player exciting? And, why is a player not good for you?

Is Living Together a Bad Idea?

Is living together a bad idea? They say that it’s the most effective way to test the waters. Many believe that by living together before marriage, married life can be much manageable since couples had the chance to experience what it’s like beforehand. Then, why is it a bad idea to the majority?

Should I Approach a Guy Who Is Out of My League Or Not? 7 Really Vital Tips You Must Know

All people are special in their own way. Leagues and such demarcations are all created by our own insecurities. So here is what you should do when you want to approach a guy who you feel is out of your league.

7 Silly Mistakes You Should Never Make When Dating Men! You Shouldn’t Miss This at All

There are certain things that you must scrupulously avoid if you want the man to stay after the rosy period of the relationship is over. If you commit these common mistakes he will leave you even before your romance gets a chance to blossom.

How Do I Succeed in My Relationship With My Dream Guy? 7 Things You Need to Do Right Away

There is no such thing as an ideal guy or ideal girl. The fact is that when you are in love you do tend to overlook your partner’s shortcomings and put him/her on the pedestal. If you feel that the guy you are presently dating is the perfect guy it is because you too are on the same wavelength. Here is all that you need to succeed in your relationship.

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