The 5 Best Dating Apps of 2021 For Divorced Men

The 5 Best Dating Apps of 2021 For Divorced Men

Relax, It’s Okay, You Can’t, But, You Must!

There are few things we can’t do in life whether legally or illegally. One thing is that we cannot change ourselves! We cannot change who we are. The best we can do is yield who we are to another in hopes of becoming different and more desirable.

Project Part 2

You can ask any engineer, architect, or contractor how important is the foundation to any building, and they will all tell you the same thing: IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF THE ENTIRE PROJECT! Without a good foundation, the building will be compromised. The walls will crack, the building will tilt, the windows won’t open, the measurements will be off, etc, etc, etc…

Transforming a Relationship With ‘History’

History is impossible to rewrite, yet it’s possible to transform an imperfect past, by forgiving in the present, in order to forge a better future. It starts with us, today. As we add patience and grace to our interactions we forge that better future, one loving act at a time, never disconsolate at setbacks. We keep moving forward.

‘Why Is That?’ – Exploring The Curiosity Of Feeling

Why is there sadness? Why is there happiness? We feel along the spectrum of these emotions as well as a myriad of different emotions. We feel. Why do we feel? These are all important questions. When we explore further the meaning behind our emotions we can find a great deal of complementary meaning in life. Life makes more sense.

Targeting the Connection Zone

There are occasions, with the need of connection prominent, where we take the opportunity, and for a moment we connect. Using such a space, recently with my 13-year-old daughter, I suggested we go to ‘the connection zone’, to sit in the ‘connection chair’. It was said in jest, but it proved a point in retrospect: the nexus of life is found in this connection zone.

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