The 6 Types of Men Women Find Irresistible (Are You One of Them?)

The 6 Types of Men Women Find Irresistible (Are You One of Them?)

Does Someone Need To Feel Comfortable With Their Own Emotions In Order To Experience Intimacy?

When someone is in a relationship, there could be moments when they share how they feel, and this could mean that they are also able to be there for their partner. As a result of this, this area of their relationship is going to be in balance.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Neglect Their Own Needs When They Get Into A Relationship?

Although someone could pay attention to their own needs when they are single, this could be something that changes when they are in a relationship. It could then be said that one will have a sense of self when they are single and end up losing their sense of self when they are not.

Support Is Not a Rescue Operation

Supporting someone and rescuing another are two totally different ways of being. One is built upon the belief that the other is whole and unbroken while the other focuses on the need to repair and fix. Learning the difference between supporting and rescuing can mean the difference between thriving and surviving.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Expect Their Partner To Meet All Of Their Needs?

If a few hundred people were asked about what the purpose of an intimate relationship is, there is likely to be more than one answer. For some people, being in an intimate relationship could be a way for them to fulfil their basic needs, to have someone to share their life, and to grow.

2 Steps to Deep Pastoral Care Engagement

Two prayers for effective pastoral care: 1. “Lord, help me establish affinity with this person so they would feel safe with me.” AND 2. “Lord, help me say and do only those things that protect the trust this person has placed in me.”

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