The BEST Reason To Hire A Dating Coach? #Shorts

The BEST Reason To Hire A Dating Coach? #Shorts

Christian Relationship Help: Causes of Anxiety in Relationships

Are you looking for Christian relationship help to understand the various causes of anxiety in relationships? Relationships evoke deep emotional reactions-many of which we don’t really identify fully. These emotional reactions are often experienced as mild to severe anxiety. Here are eight common causes of anxiety in relationships and their underlying beliefs…

Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend!

So, did you recently break up with your girlfriend? And still you can’t stop thinking about her and possibly want her back?

Christians and Boundaries: Four Reasons You Have Weak Boundaries

If you are a Christian looking for help to enable you to have better boundaries, this article will help you to identify four reasons why you have weak boundaries. Before you can set stronger boundaries, you have to understand why yours are weak in the first place.

Tips for the Trailing Spouse at the Time of House Moving

A great percentage of employees being relocated because of a job are already married. Though some spouses are open to the idea of being left behind, there are those who simply want to move along.

Ministering to Men in Small Churches!

The skills of ministering to men is often misunderstood because we are working with a group of individuals that by virtue of their life are wrapped up in dozens of things at one time, generally running from one place to another, dealing with the stress of family responsibility, work, and taking care of a home. The average church today is running between 100 and 200 people, and these are considered small to medium churches.

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