The Biggest Dating Mistake I Used To Make #shorts

The Biggest Dating Mistake I Used To Make #shorts

Quite Often In Order To Get Attention You Need To Put Your Partner First

How many relationships you know of have died just because one or the other person, or possibly even both, didn’t feel like they were understood? How often do we see someone inside a relationship cheat, and when you ask them why it happened, the response was something near to “I feel a connection, like he (she) understands me.”

Mending A Broken Heart

Most people find it hard to return to normal life after experiencing a broken engagement or an unhappy romance. The hurt that has established in them is so humiliating that in order to stay away from it they often throw themselves wildly into work and other things that will keep them very busy.

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday With a Customized Birthday Invitation

Aside from a wedding invitation, a birthday invitation is the best way to inform loved ones that you are going to celebrate another milestone in your life. But there are some birthdays more special than others. For adults, these are milestones that impact the passage of time; such as the 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays or even a 100th birthday! These are reasons to celebrate and need a special milestone birthday invitations to bring the message to your friends and family so they will be around to celebrate the occasion with you.

Mastering Emotional Regulation

The boundaries of our personal control are safety for us regarding our emotional regulation. The more we ask, “What can I do?” the more we reinforce what we can actually influence. Our emotions become less like a roller coaster and more like a steady drive through the countryside.

Breaking News – Your Feelings Don’t Matter

As deliberate creators we think we need to feel it to get it. We place a lot of emphasis on feeling it first or getting lined up with our feelings, because we think feelings are the magic juice in creation. Science however, is beginning to paint a very different picture about the creation process.

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