The Dark Secret Young Women are Afraid to Tell You…

The Dark Secret Young Women are Afraid to Tell You...

How Do You Get Over an Ex Girlfriend? 3 Tips to Get Over Her FAST!

I’ve had to figure out the answer to “how do you get over an ex girlfriend?” many times – from the perspective of one with the broken heart and from the perspective of the one breaking the heart. No matter how it goes down, a break up will always be hard on you as you scramble to get out of a negative mindset.

Understanding Our Relationship Needs

To a great extent, our identity is formed in relationship. Our psychological Self develops and is sustained by the many experiences we have with others. Children grow up identifying with those around them, taking on specific characteristics and behaviors. However, it is through our relationships with others that our sense of Self and our sense of Other develops. Our sense of Self is greatly impacted by how our needs are related to by others, both in our early life and in our adult relationships.

Creating Emotional Intimacy In Your Relationship

Many of us have lost a sense of emotional closeness with the people in our lives. Some of us do not even notice that we are disconnected from our feelings of intimacy, because we live predominately in our heads. This article helps us create emotional intimacy in our relationships by reconnecting our needs.

Relationship Wisdom – What Makes A Relationship Work?

Many of my clients have asked me over the years: What makes a relationship work? There are many theories either based on someone’s opinion or based on research like in Dr. John Gottman’s case.

Dealing With Snobbishness

Some people have inferiority complexes and some have superiority complexes. Situations where the latter comes into play are the topic in question here. If truth were known we’ve doubtless engaged in, or been affected by, both. What stems from this reality is we have opportunities to respond to others’ snobbishness better and also to repel this proud persona ourselves.

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