The Dark Truth About Women Over 40- And How to Hook Up with Older Girls for Casual Fun

The Dark Truth About Women Over 40- And How to Hook Up with Older Girls for Casual Fun

Lying Sexiquette

Sexiquette is etiquette in dating and relationships. This article discusses lying sexiquette and how honesty is key to any good partnership.

March Forward for a New and Improved Relationship

The arrival of March signals that spring is just around the corner – the season for renewal and new beginnings. Here are three steps you can take to throw out the old stuff that has slowly but surely crept into your relationship and make room for all the new and exciting experiences and feelings that await you!

Money and The Alpha Male

Becoming an Alpha Male and increasing your income are directly related believe it or not, because when someone has a steady income it shows control over their life, and control over their life is exactly what makes an alpha male an alpha male. I know you are probably thinking that of course it is really easy to say that you need to make more money and a whole other thing to actually do it. Look at the people you know who have money and look at the people you know that don’t, many times its pretty easy to see the…

My Girlfriend Has a Hot Friend

What if your girlfriend’s hot friend keeps on flirting with you? What are you going to do? Your mind says, “COME ON, PLAY NICE” but your body says, “YES! YES! YES!.” You are certainly facing something big here pal and you certainly have to do something about this before it circles out of control.

Deepening Relationship Through Emotional Connection

Staying emotionally connected to another person is one of the deepest and most basic needs that we have. Yet because we can still function well in everyday life when we are emotionally disconnected, we sometimes continue on, never realizing what we have lost.

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