The Fatal Conversation Mistake that Girls HATE You For- 99% chance you’re doing this TOO!

The Fatal Conversation Mistake that Girls HATE You For- 99% chance you're doing this TOO!

What to Do to Make Him Marry Me and Want Nothing But Me for the Rest of His Life? Learn How

Every union has to go through some form of obstacle every now and then. If one of those obstacles is where you’ve gone out with your man for the longest time yet he still hasn’t proposed, then that’s surely something that needs your full attention. So how do you get a guy to propose and finally marry you?

Chat With Strangers – The New Way to Meet People Online

The internet has brought many inventions with it, none of which has so easily given two people from anywhere in the world a chance meeting. With new websites such as Omegle and Chatroulette we can only predict the result of so many strangers in the world coming together and meeting for the first time. Will this change the way we perceive strangers and make us more vulnerable to online trolls?

How to Take Your Love Life to the Next Level Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Understanding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) helps you to improve your relationship dramatically. MBTI is based on Jung’s theory of type and looks at natural preferences of different personalities. Neither type is good nor bad; they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Once you understand your and your spouse’s type, and once you accept your natural preferences, you will improve communication, and you will deal constructively with conflicts. You will learn to take your relationship to the next level and enjoy a harmonious love life!

Voluntary Male Chastity

What is voluntary male chastity and is it really any different from so-called forced male chastity? Discover the answer in this short article, and prepare for some surprises!

5 Essential Tips to Save Marriage

For couples who find that their marriage in trouble, we have some save marriage quick tips that you can do in order to save your marriage. Some of these tips work even if the other partner is not interested or doesn’t understand that there is a problem. Filing for divorce should not be an option. If you think that you might be on the road to splitting up, then you should research ways to save your marriage and create a happy life together.

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