The REAL Reasons Women Like Men With Money $$$ |The Truth About Women & Money Revealed | (2020)

The REAL Reasons Women Like Men With Money $$$ |The Truth About Women & Money Revealed | (2020)

7 Tips On Making Amends and One Thing Amends Must Never Do

Making amends is something all recovering addicts need to become good at. It’s also something that every Christian needs to become adept at – every human being is called to such a task; a noble one in human terms because it’s a divine mandate.

Life Is All Touch and Go

In the life of every man, there comes a time when women cease to hold sway in their hearts. A nebulous but formidable rival has arrived, at which time a woman must up their allure to sustain love and attention.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Say That All Men/Women Are The Same?

If one heard someone say that all dogs are the same, there is a strong chance that they would find it hard to agree. This could be because they have owned a number of different breeds, or it could be something they have come to realise through observing other peoples dogs.

Relationships: Is Self-Awareness An Important Part Of Attracting The Right Partner?

Although one can have the need to attract the right person into their life, it doesn’t mean that this will be that takes place. Instead, one can end up attracting people who are not right for them.

Me, My Family, Religion, And Nation Are The Best

There is unhappiness all around, for most of us. It is due to: firstly, king size egos taking priority over relationships; secondly, inability to agree to disagree amicably; thirdly, inability to forgive and forget; and finally insatiable greed for unrestrained sensual pleasures. There is personal ego,my family-ego, my culture-ego, and my religion-ego. We are not satisfied just to feel right ourselves; we are more happy, when we tell others that they are wrong and if they accept our way of life, our happiness is unlimited as our ego is fully satisfied.

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