The “You’re Average At Best” Video – The Full Interview Video Review

The "You're Average At Best" Video - The Full Interview Video Review

Dating Problems and How to Handle Them

There are two things that constitute a problem when dating. They are incompatibility and lack of communication. These problems may arise as a result of the fact that you are not meant for each other. When you find yourself in this condition, how do you handle it? The article is aimed at providing the solution to that problem…

3 Online Dating Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Of course, there are other online mistakes women should avoid. However, the 3 mentioned should be adhered to strictly.

The Healing Power of Healthy Connections

A lot of studies show how people in healthy, close connections live longer, are happier, have less medical problems and have a more positive outlook on life and their future throughout the life cycle. As Mother Theresa said, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Connections help make life less scary and overwhelming for all of us, starting from infancy and continuing throughout life.

How to Let Your Man Love and Stick to You More? Here Are the Tips You Should Use Right Now

Isn’t it a common complaint amongst women that men don’t love as much as they do? The same is true whether this man is your boyfriend or is already your husband. He just can’t seem to reciprocate the same amount of love that you’re offering him. So how can you make him love you more and stick it out with you for all eternity?

Being in the Present Moment

To continue the lessons learned from my son’s tragic accident, the concept of being in the present moment was something I had only learned a few years earlier. The thought anchored me. Spencer Johnson’s book The Precious Present was one book I had been introduced to while working at the addiction rehab unit. Learning to accept the past, to not fear the future and to live in the moment were invaluable lessons in coping with this crisis and others since.

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