These 5 things will make you a handsome guy fast

These 5 things will make you a handsome guy fast

Reunions, Not Just for the Popular Among Us, and a Life Affirming Event

Do you get sweaty palms when that day arrives every 10 years or so? You hold the announcement of your high school reunion in your hands and visions of teenager doom flash before your eyes? Is the first impulse to toss it into the trash or put it aside to think about it later? Are you getting palpitations thinking about having to lose those extra pounds before even thinking about responding? For most of us, high school wasn’t about learning algebra or doing homework, it was figuring out who we were, if we could fit in or feel competent at anything. It was more about polishing social skills and less about pursuing intellectual prowess. We probably just wanted to be “popular,” wear the right clothes or determine how to be included.

7 Safety Tips To Stop A Stalker From Invading Your Life

Are you currently a victim of stalking? These safety tips are CRUCIAL to your survival as a stalker is one of the most relentless and cruel criminals you will ever have to face.

Why Do People Fail in Their Relationships and What Can They Do About It?

Many fail in their relationships for the simple reason that they don’t understand how they sabotage themselves and their relationships. Therefore they keep harming one relationship after another. The solution: To develop Self-Awareness, understand how they shoot themselves in the foot in relationships, and change.

He Doesn’t Want a Relationship! Here Is Some Bitter But Truthful Advice for You

I am sure you have been sitting there in deep thought trying to figure out how you can get your man to finally have a relationship with you. But so far, I am guessing you haven’t had much luck right?

How To Stop Loving and Put an End To The Pain

Love hurts are words that you will often hear in the lyrics of many songs. Like so many song lyrics, these words are certainly true. Individuals, who are feeling pain from loving another, just want the love to go away so the pain will stop.

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