Things you are doing that turn women off! (First date mistakes!)

Things you are doing that turn women off! (First date mistakes!)

Letter to Get Him Back and Keep His Attention

How are you doing? I believe you are doing great. I called your line severally last week but I couldn’t get through. That is why I resolved to write to you since it’s impossible to get you through your mobile line.

How to Let Your Man Love and Stick to You More? 7 Tricks Which Will Make This Possible for You

You are not really satisfied with the way things are with you and your man at present. This is because you feel that he does not love you as much as you love him. Here are some wonderful ways in which you can increase his devotion to you and make him long for you more.

What Are the Differences Between Extroverts and Introverts

Knowing the difference between extroverts and introverts can help you understand yourself and others. Introversion and extroversion is often described as being a continuum. A person who is very extroverted, will not be very introverted. Most people are in the middle with one side being more dominate than the other. While everyone has variations in their behavior, people are often confused by responses of people who are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

How to Know If the Guy Has Special Feelings for You! Discover If You Are Really Special to Him

It takes a bit of intuition and common sense to know and recognize signs that tell you that a guy has special feelings for you. If you have not been heeding that gut feeling you have of late, then take a look at these tips that will help you know if you mean something to him.

How to Know If He Is Serious Or Just Wants to Be Friends? 7 Ways to Know What He Really Wants

It is rather difficult to distinguish between someone that is serious about a long term relationship and someone that just wants to be friends, albeit a good friend. This is primarily because men are not very open about their emotions and feelings. Here are some tips that will tell you if he is serious.

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