THIS Gets a Young ‘Nice Girl’ to Imagine Shagging You Dirty (Great Inception Trick)

THIS Gets a Young 'Nice Girl' to Imagine Shagging You Dirty (Great Inception Trick)

3 Important Balances That Will Save Your Relationship

If you want to save your relationship, you need to strike a balance. What kind? Between your lifestyle choices and your partner’s needs; independence and dependence; speaking and listening. Read on to find out how these three kinds of balance are crucial.

Forgiveness: Five Christian Misunderstandings About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an important part of the teachings in the Christian faith. However, there are five common Christian misunderstandings about forgiveness that result in people misapplying it to their relationships.

Don’t Get on Rollercoasters

If you’ve been in any kind of relationship with a woman, you’ve probably gone on or been taken on a rollercoaster ride at some point. Rollercoaster rides are those emotional “journeys” (to be nice) than she goes on before calming down and looking at things from a logical standpoint. Β  Β 

Dealing With Difficult People By Using Conflict Management Strategies

Dealing with difficult people is not at all that hard and know that your loved ones will come around eventually when they understand that your dedication to develop is for their benefit as well. Above all, it will be your behavior, not your lip service, that pulls them in. Remember, once you change your world, it may take a little persuading to make your loved ones a part of it.

How Can I Tell If I’m In A Rebound Relationship?

What is a rebound relationship? How do I know if I’m in one? And what can I do if I always find myself in that kind of situation?

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